Kobold Hall

Steamy halls, the puzzle from Hell edition.

We enter the room with the two sisters!

Esme lunges toward Lathan and punches him in the face and then blinks away. Bitch Move!

Gimble take a hot sec to examine the room and discovers that there are more lab notes scattered about the library. What could possibly be going on here?

Lathan immediate goes after Alina with his Scorching Ray….only one of his 3 bolts hits her.

Alina goes in for Eedana! Alina successfully stuns Eedana.

Squeaks turn…you know it’s gonna be amazing…he warns us that this is going to be a bad battle. He lunges for Alina and swings his rusted spear for 3 damage.

Esme rudely throws us a Force Blow across the room, flashing past the table directly at Gimble and Eedana…but luckily Gimble avoids

it all together…sadly Eedana, who is already stunned…is now prone. Gimble tries another Vicious Mockery, but unlike the first time, he fails on this attempt.

Alina also does Shadow Walk away from us and the table. In the rush of her blink, she attempts to hit Lathan with a Shrapnel Pin…magical dart y’all. Lathan is quicker than Alina thought…dodging the pathetic attempt. The dart just barely missed getting a full hit on him, but still does 7 damage.

Esme suddenly makes a break for Gimble…she moves past him, right in between all of us.

She does an AOE attack on all of us, but ends up only hitting Lathan…duh.

Lathan attempts to Shocking Grasp…
Esme pulls a MAJOR bitch move and does a slamming punch to Gimble’s gorgeous face!

Eedana goes for a major attack at Esme, and nails her in her face.
Gimble again gets his face smashed in by Esme, he is forced to do 3 healing surges.

Squeak yells that we need to GTFO of here! He starts to glow and get all magical…his body is starting to grow huge, his spear changes into a warhammer, the room is filling with golden light. Squeak turns into this amazing glowing god that attacks Alina, smashing down on the Esme…but it misses. The angel that is above Squeak looks down on the room, glowing with godlike supremacy. A globe appears in the room, summoned by the angel, expanding in the center of the room and shoves both Esme and Alina to the perimeter of the room. The sisters realize that Squeak is the source of the power, they turn their attention to him. The power disappears and Squeak turns back to normal.

They grab Squeak and threaten to kill him if we don’t give the key up.

Eedana found something on the shelf….i have not idea, i was in the other room getting my tablet

We discovered a TREASURE!!!!!!!!!

2000 COPPER COINS, 7000 silver coins, 2400 gold coins, 100 platinum pieces. 3 art objects, 250g each. Stone of good luck (requires attuenment), +1 weapon rapier, +1 Shield, an instrument of the bard Doss lute (requires attunement), circlet of blasting, a potion of gaseous form, 3 greater healing potions, 1 superior healing potion.

We move back into the room with the sludge and the turning platform. Eedana did her running jump and successfully leap across the sludge to the ladder.

We returned to the room where we fought the Naga, back to turning valves and figuring out how to move on.

THE STEAM PUZZLE WAS SO ANNOYING!!!! We solved it? WHATEVER, we made it to the next room.

We went through the door somehow and discovered the Crysssstal Caverns! Then we left immediately…went back to the circular platform room, went back to the room with Esme and Alina were, went through the door on the right and stopped there. FOR REALZ



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